A razão pela qual a preocupação mata mais gente do que o trabalho é porque mais gente se preocupa do que trabalha.

Janeiro 28, 2009

Ai segue a terceira previsão para 2009:

#3 Most people will sit quietly in their seats and watch life unfold around them

A recent New Yorker magazine cartoon made it comically clear: There’s a lot that we all want to experience, but not much that we actually want to do. Most of us simply want to go along to get along and enjoy the ride. Well, the ride is slowing to a crawl. And when it starts back up, it’ll be a much different ride. What kind of ride? The best way to know that is to put yourself in charge of creating it. Grab the wheel and get moving. Let the pull of what excites you and what you care most deeply about be your guide. “The reason why worry kills more people
than work is that more people worry than work.” – Robert Frost

E aí? Em 2009: Ação ou Poupança?


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