O futuro pertence àqueles que não estão dispostos a aceitar o sufocante status quo

Fevereiro 1, 2009

Segue a sexta previsão para 2009:

“#6 The passionate will not only survive, they will thrive

What’s bugging you? Whatever it is, for your sake and for those unwilling or unable to change do something about it! That’s the key to growth and success. The inventor David Levy referred to it as the curse effect: “Whenever I hear someone curse, it’s a sign to invent something.” Well, perhaps that someone is you and that “cursing” is resonating between your ears. If so, don’t let it irritate you and drain your life and passion. Use it to fuel you and drive you forward. The future belongs to those unwilling to accept the stifling status quo; to those who stay puzzled, excited, frustrated and surprised. “Whenever anything is being accomplished, it is being done, I have learned, by a monomaniac with a mission.” Peter Drucker”

Pois é, em 2009 os apaixonados não vão apenas sobreviver, eles vão crescer vigorosamente


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